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Established in 1954 in Augusta, Georgia, E-Z-GO has become a world leader in transportation and a leading global manufacturer of golf cars, utility vehicles, and personal transportation vehicles. From our headquarters in Augusta, we build tens of thousands of vehicles each year, many of which feature game-changing technology and innovations to improve vehicle efficiency and enhance the user experience like no other vehicle can. As but one example, our exclusive AC Drive, found in the E-Z-GO RXV golf-car platform, uses an alternating-current motor and electrical powertrain to deliver unparalleled hill-climbing power and vehicle performance with unmatched energy efficiency.

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Since 2017, ICON® has evolved into one of the largest volume and fastest-growing golf cart manufacturers in the country. Founded on the concept of building the best quality electric golf carts at the most affordable price, ICON® EV has revolutionized the LSV industry! Our dedication to our dealer network and customers alike has elevated us to the top of the industry. In addition to our vast selection of golf cart models, we also offer countless ways in which they can be configured. One size does not fit all, and we believe “choice” is best left in the hands of the consumer.

Upgrades come standard on each ICON® golf cart, offering incredible value, all for the same price the competitors charge for a base model. For the consumer, the choice isn’t whether or not they should buy an ICON® instead of another brand; it’s how many amazing features they want at a price point they can afford.